Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Four Days to Go...

I'm still fighting off the pseudo-cold.

Not a lot of travel-related preparations this evening. I fussed around with trying to rip (that is to say, “backup”) some DVDs to load onto my Samsung NC-10 netbook for the trip. By the way, the Samsung netbook—which I bought specifically for travel—rocks! Here's why: size/weight (or lack thereof) and battery life (7-8 hours on a single charge).
Anyway, I've actually been engaged in this project since this past weekend. Most DVDs converted without a problem. Unfortunately, I've struggled with a handful of DVDs that yield movies with out-of-sync video and audio tracks. It's rather annoying / distracting. But, after much fiddling, I seem to have finally cracked the code, thereby underscoring with my superior technical prowess. :-)


  1. Hey, what time is dinner. I keep clicking on the ads to help you finance this wonderful trip.

  2. You're a good man. :-)

    Google ads don't seem to generate too much revenue. But, like my installation of Google Analytics, it's been an interesting experiment.

    I'm up to $3.60 thus far. Coverting that to Euros, I might be able buy us 1/4 of a plate of tapas in Barcelona. Or, aboard ship, that will cover 1/3 of a fizzy, fruity cocktail for Libby.

    Of course, $3.60 for a few entries on a free blog is an exponential increase in the compensation I've had over all of my other writing endeavors. For example: the dissertation yielded $0.00 and cost me thousands to produce. :-)