Monday, March 30, 2009

Sea Day Q&A's -- Open for Questions

I'm thinking the best time to answer questions is during days at sea.

So, in advance of each sea day, I'm going to post an entry (like this one) inviting you to ask me questions. Last year, I got questions after I got off of the ship that I couldn't easily answer. But, they're pretty easy to find out here.

Want to know about the spa menu (just how many kinds of massage do they offer)? Care to know which beers are available (sadly, no wheat beers)? Curious about the cost of miniature golf (free) or the golf simulator ($25 for one hour, up to four people)?

Tell me what you want to know.

Go ahead. Make my day. Ask away.


  1. Two questions:

    1) Which port stop are you looking forward to most and why?

    2) How much money have you dropped in the casino so far?

  2. Thanks for doing this excellent Blog.

    Couple of questions

    1)How long was it before you saw your luggage after you checked it in?

    2)Would you happen to know how fast the Spa treatment reservations filled up? We want to do a couple of Spa visits but am not sure if I have to bust my butt to reserve them when we get on the ship.

    Thanks Wayne

  3. Enjoying your blog!!! My friend and I will be on the Brilliance starting April 10 in Barcelona for a West. Med. tour. Like your input on the ship. BTW we live in Tampa/Indian Rocks Beach. In Barcelona we'll be staying at the Hotel Continental Palacette--not to far from where you stayed I think.

    My friend will be ordering from the spa menu--what's it like? I don't worry about calories!


  4. Have you been invited to the quarterdeck or spent time on the fo'c'sle?

    Will any musicals be performed during your cruise?

    Jack A.

  5. One more quick question. Did you notice if there was a "nuaghty room" on the ship where people had to go pick up there luggage that had been found to conceal smuggled goods?(Booze,knives,irons etc.etc.)

  6. I'm all about the beer buddy. Do they have any crazy beers, off the wall?

    I saw yesterday you were doing the Samba while Samba.........ata boy!

  7. What's with not being able to use your computer in your room? My friend plans on taking his laptop and was happy to hear the room is WiFi.

  8. We will go on the same cruise on April 20. Actually, all your input is very informative, entertaining and just fun to read! It sounds like a professional writing, after all.

    I have a few questions:

    - What lounge were you at when using wireless Internet connection? Did you have top pay for it (how much)? Could you have connection in other locations around the ship?

    - Are you planning to take a bus to Lindos in Rhodos? I am wondering about how easy it would be to find a path from the pier to the bus station.

    - We have a winery visit in our plan while in Limassol (Cyprus). Are planning on that, too? I read it is crowded, and it could be tough to get there.

    Thank you for your detailed contribution!