Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Three Days to Go...

Tonight, I’d planned to pack for the trip. That didn’t happen. I did manage to fertilize the lawn and shrubs. This was a “major accomplishment” given both the state of my leg and the state of the irrigation system at the house. Ironically, both were damaged due to ice in January this year! That’s right. The backflow regulator on my irrigation system (at our house in central Florida) actually froze and ruptured.

Fortunately, both the leg and the sprinklers are now repaired.

Speaking of the leg, I had my last physical therapy appointment before the trip today. I now have an exercise routine to do aboard ship. I report back to the Florida Orthopedic Institute on April 15 to see how I’m doing and hopefully be released from further therapy. The leg swells a bit by the end of the day and is actually ever-so-slightly sore.

But, all in all, I’m good to go!

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