Thursday, March 26, 2009

Two Days To Go...

Tonight we completed most of our packing. Wow! We have a lot of extra room in our suitcases. You probably already know how I feel about packing light. On last year’s 23-day odyssey, we managed to go with a fairly modest amount of luggage despite some initial misgivings about our ability to pull it off. This year, we’ll probably leave one of the smaller bags empty at home.

The secret of our success:

Two words. Careful planning.

We know what we need. We make lists. We select items for “mixing and matching.” And, we stick to “the plan” as if life and soul depended upon it. No exceptions.

We’re also going to skip participating in the formal nights on this trip, an issue we didn’t have to worry about last year on NCL’s “Freestyle” cruise. Why? Because, frankly, we really don’t give a $!@%& about them. We’re cruising to travel, baby. We can go to cocktail dress and black-tie social events at home.

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