Friday, March 27, 2009

One Day To Go...

Well, we’re basically fully packed and ready to go. It’s actually gone rather smoothly.

The little dogs, Harley (top) and Annie (bottom), have been sent off to stay with their "grandmother" and "great-grandfather." So, they'll be spoiled and doted on for the next two weeks.

By the by, the leg is doing well. But, it continues to swell a bit. As a result, I’m still wearing my “mantyhose” per doctor’s orders. It’s not all bad though. It does have the benefit of discouraging strangers from talking to me.

Speaking of my leg, here is some advice from Dad (Libby’s father) today on what to do and not to do with it:

Do not prop a heavy door with it while getting luggage through it.

Do not prop a light door with it while getting luggage through it.

When at the dance floor do not favor Libby with a polka.

The rock climbing wall is O… U… T… out.

At night, clear a path to the bathroom.

Come to think of it, clear a path to the bathroom during the daytime too.

It is tempting to "shake a leg" when someone deems it necessary to hurry. Don't.

Cabs, trolly cars, subways, trains, bicycles and mopeds are to be preferred in this order.

Do not attempt ladders during high seas.

Do not attempt ladders during dead, mirror smooth seas.

Finally, I realized that I should be thankful that Brilliance of the Seas doesn’t have an ice rink.

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