Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Visit From The "Upgrade Fairy"

Today, I received an e-mail from Royal Caribbean indicating that the “documents” I had “requested” were now available. Interesting. Maybe even questionable, especially as I hadn't requested any documents.

The "documents" turned out to be a copy of our invoice. The price was unchanged (a little more than $1,000 per person for the 11-night cruise), but I noticed we'd been given a new cabin number. We were upgraded from our standard inside stateroom to what appears to be a larger than average oceanview stateroom.

We're really pleased! We opted for the inside cabin to save a little money (our overall theory is more, cheaper travel is better than less, expensive travel). But, this was a “sacrifice” compared to last year's aft balcony cabin. Now, we'll be able to enjoy daylight and views... and we didn't have to pay the extra $800/pp. (at current rates as of this post) to get it!

So, the mythical stories posted on travel forums are true: the “Upgrade Fairy” really does exist.

Can unicorns be far behind?

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