Saturday, March 21, 2009

One Week to Go…

I’ve commented in the past about how much I dislike the preparation in advance of travel. This year seems to be no exception. I haven’t started my official “things to get done before I go list,” but I’m already working on the unofficial one. And, on balance, it’s winning.

We started pre-packing today. That’s going well.

Libby’s car suffered some sort of failure yesterday resulting in an illuminated, orange “check engine light.” Like with Homeland Security, color codes matter even though you’re unable to actually do something to help yourself. Red indicates a catastrophic failure to your car. Orange—more cheerfully—means the carnage is generally isolated to your wallet.

Oh well, at least I’m helping out the automotive industry.

I’m also trying to battle off some sort of illness. It started yesterday. I think I’ve made it past the “sore throat” stage with little more than a mild irritation. I’m now on to the “tired and achy” phase, which doesn’t seem too bad either. Maybe (fingers crossed) this will be a non-event?

I shouldn’t be surprised about getting sick.

You see, we’ve traveled to Europe four times during Libby’s previous Spring Breaks. Of those, I’ve managed to be sick at some point during three of those trips. For the mathematically challenged, that’s 75% of the time. Have I learned anything about traveling in March? No, not so much.

In an effort to combat the illness, I have been popping vitamins like they were Pez.

I’m still hopeful (irrationally optimistic?) for the best this year.

Right now, it's time for a nap.

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