Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cruise Information Now Online!

Sorry that it has been a while since my last update. Now that we're home, we're starting to settle back into the normal rhythm of life. For me, that's sans blogging... which is a hobby I only induldge when traveling (or perhaps when I'm retired in 25 or 30 years [checking 401k performance...]... err, make that 40-50 years).

Here's my first batch of informational updates from the cruise:

Main Dining Room Menus (for nearly all days of the cruise)
Cruise Compass (for all days of the cruise)
Port Explorers (for all ports)

I plan to start posting actual pictures of the ship and ports in the next day or two. I'll also post my "official" cruise review. Once those are posted, this blog (in terms of active updates) will sadly be coming to an end.

Then it will be time to start planning our next adventure (probably our annual journey to London).


  1. Hope you don't mind one more question. Does the shower have the "dreaded curtain" or do they have doors? On the Jewel they had doors (yeah!).

    Thanks for all the info. It has really helped gain some insight into our cruise. We leave Sunday.

    4/20 group - bikn4fn

  2. Sadly, they have the "dreaded curtain." I mention this fact in my (yet to be published) cruise review. It was really our only minor quible with an otherwise great cabin.

    Bon voyage on Sunday! I'm sure you'll have an excellent time.