Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day #11: At Sea

Today's our last day of this voyage.

We started the day early, enjoying gourmet coffee drinks at Cafe Latte-tudes. We proceeded to conduct ourselves in a mostly unproductive manner: breakfast, followed by reading, then a nap, followed by lunch. Libby went to the gym. I rested my leg and commenced packing our luggage. Dinner was in the main dining room, where we enjoyed our meal and paid our farewells to team of waiters (who, I might add, were excellent – probably the strongest team overall of any cruise). Tonight we'll finish packing and attend the Farewell Show.

This will also be my last post from the ship. But, I'll have more tomorrow and on Saturday from Barcelona, as well as the cruise reviews, photos, additional information, etc.


  1. Paul thank you very much for your blog it was excellent.


  2. Howdy my friends. I have really enjoyed the posts, as always. I look forward to additional updates from Barcelona. One question, are you using you NC10 or iPhone to update the blog? Inquiring minds want to know, or at least one inquiring mind does.

    Give my best to Libby.

  3. I've been mostly using the NC10 netbook. I think I've only sent one post from the iPhone, just after boarding the ship in Barcelona.

  4. I assume you like the NC10... I hope so, I just bought one based on your recommendation. It arrived yesterday. So far, like it I do!