Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day #6: Rhodes, Greece

Perfect weather again today!

We spent a leisurely day strolling around the Rhodes Town, including the picturesque (but touristy) old town and the less quaint (but still charming) modern city near Mandraki, the northern less commercial harbor. The ship docks right outside of the old city gates and everything is very walkable – no tours or taxis required, unless you're headed further afield. We began by walking to the entrance of the Mandraki Harbor, where two deer are supposed to be guarding the harbor. Sadly, one of the deer have gone missing? (Recommendation: if you walk out this way, take the time to stop into the modest but lovely Sacred Church of the Annunciation).

We spent some time strolling about the new town. It has a lot of promising looking places to eat (with, I suspect, better quality and more authenticity than the tourist traps in the old town) and some shopping. It also has two Starbuck's Coffee shops (they really have taken over the world), which is sort of sad... but like McDonald's it's a place for Americans to use the restroom for free with impunity. :-)

We also toured the old town. The highlight of which was the Grand Masters Palace (not to be confused with the Grand Wizards in America, which happens to be a double-wide trailer somewhere in Mississippi, I believe... but I digress.).Here's a photo of the palace from the ship:

The palace is nicely restored, though largely unfurnished. As an added benefit, they've installed a number of mosaic floors throughout that date from the first to the fifth centuries. These obviously aren't original, but if you like mosaics (like me), this is not to be missed.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable and leisurely day. It also makes the mid-point of the cruise and this vacation. Yikes! And, just when I'm finally starting to feel like I'm finally “away” from it all.

P.S. We were thinking about a friend of ours today and did a “self-portrait” in his style.


  1. And a good one it is. Your "friend" approves. Thank you!

  2. My wife and I sailed the same itinerary you did, on the Brilliance, March 9-20, and it is interesting we had many of the same adventures. My comment here is just "Thanks!" I thought I was losing my mind when I could not find the second deer at Mandraki Harbor, but you confirmed it was not there!!