Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day #4: At Sea

Today, we started off with breakfast in out cabin. Overall, Royal Caribbean does a nice job in this area. Unlike NCL, they offer scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon, and/or sausage in addition to the usual selection of continental offering (fruit, pastries, and cereal). It was delivered on time and in good condition aside from the potatoes which were a little on the cool side. The coffee was bad too, which seems to generally be the case if you're not paying for it at the Seattle's Best coffee bar or drinking it for free in a specialty restaurant. I'm not sure what's up with that...

At 11am, we attended the Cruise Critic “Meet & Mingle” hosted by the Cruise Director, Gordon. The Master of the Brilliance, Captain Lindegren, also visited with the group. Royal Carribean provided a nice selection of drinks and snacks and also held a raffle (I won a “Meet & Mingle Wave Mouse – see photo). Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

This afternoon we attended a port lecture on the history of Rhodes and the Knights of St. John. It was a bit more interesting than the Sicilian history talk and has helped to knit some details together in my mind with respect to the intersection of Rhodes and Malta. But, really, I'm a geek at heart and would pretty happily listen to a lecture on almost any topic... including the making of cheese... which, I might add, is actually rather fascinating.

Tonight we had dinner in the main dining room. I think our waiters thought we might not be coming back and seemed concerned that we were unhappy. We tried to assure them that it was “us, not you,” but I'm not sure they bought it, especially when we told the headwaiter how much we liked the steakhouse upstairs last evening (response: “their food is very good, but our food is good too.”).

Tonight, we're trying to decide whether or not to go to the only “authorized” Elton John tribute show in the world (and it happens to be here on our ship). Tempting. Or, not.

No matter. Athens is tomorrow!


  1. We're enjoying every entry. As you might imagine, I giggled when I visualized Libby getting in touch with her "inner hampster"! We hope your leg is still behaving itself! Much love from Mom and Dad

  2. go to the Elton John show if it's Johnathan Kane and you like Elton John. he's great~saw him last year on the Brilliance and thought it was a very good show.

    cutiecat (from CM)

  3. We did go to the show. You're right. He was excellent (and I've seen the real guy in concert at least three times).