Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tip: Getting to the Bus Station in Rhodes

I had a reader ask about how to get to the bus station in Rhodes in order to go to Lindos. Given that we've already established I'm a (sometimes too) helpful guy, I researched the answer today.

The good news is that this is super easy. Basically, you just need to walk along the commercial harbor (where the cruise ship docks) / outer city walls until you pass through a gate and reach the Mandraki harbor (you can see this entire route from the ship).

Once you reach Mandraki, continue along it until you reach the “large” intersection (photo below) at Alexandru Diakou street, there's a park on one corner and the “new market” on the other. Here you should turn left onto Diakou (if you turn right, you'll be going for a swim).

The bus station is one block ahead on the right hand side of the road. By the way, it appears that the round trip ticket to Lindos only cost a few euros. A taxi is another independent option, but the price is much higher (42 euros each way).

When I return, I'll also upload a copy of the port guide to Rhodes that includes a map.

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