Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sea Day #4: Q&A – Open for Questions

Tomorrow is our final day at sea before returning to Barcelona on Friday. So, please feel free to post any remaining questions that you might have for me. I'll either respond tomorrow or on Friday.

I'll also be writing a full cruise review and posting pictures of the ports (as well as menus, the daily Cruise Compasses, etc.). I hope to get much of this posted before we leave Barcelona, as I transform from a blogger into a pumpkin once I'm back to my day-to-day work responsibilities at home.


  1. Do they have a passenger talent show? They've had them in the past on the longer voyages, but I heard they stopped in place of karaoke in Studio "whatever" (on some ships).

    Is the jewelry/etc they offer on the bus in Egypt any good? Better selection/prices elsewhere for cartouche?

    Is a Murder Mystery Dinner offered in Chops or Portofino? How Much?

    4/20/2009 group - bikn4fn

  2. Hi, just wondering what the temperature was in Cyprus? We've booked the Kourion beach tour and are hoping for weather in the 20-degree range (mid 70's)

    Also, from a packing perspective, what was the weather like in general? Barcelona, Italy, Athens, Egypt, Malta. I'm assuming it was warm in Athens and Egypt.

    Thanks again for all of the wonderful info! Your posts have been a treat to read & have made us even more excited about our turn on 4/20 :)


  3. Hi again.Wonderful posts.Was wondering if you've
    seen any DECT phones on the Brilliance as I've heard that RCCI is getting rid of them.


  4. OK, one more. One sea days, how cold/windy is it up on the jogging deck. We're a couple of power-walkers and need to get our 3-4 miles/day. Treadmills can be sooooo boring (yes, even on a ship).

    Thanks so much for your insightful information. It is really going to help us out when we (finally) get there.

    4/20/2009 group - bikn4fn