Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sea Day Q&A #2: Answers

What's the deal with Internet access? I thought the cabins had WiFi? Where's it available and what does it cost?

Yes, the ship does offer WiFi (wireless) access to the Internet. However, it is not available in the cabins (though I suspect some might have access to the if located near a public access point). So, if you plan to use it outside of your cabin. The standard rate is $0.55 per minute. But, packages are available. I purchased the $55 one with 150 minutes of access time (~$0.37 per minute). I save time by having all of my submissions ready before going online. So, I'm only using minutes to upload and quickly check for comments and e-mail.

The locations for access include the Starquest Disco (Deck 13), Solarium (Deck 11, Windjammer Cafe (Deck 11), Library (Deck 9), Schooner Bar (Deck 6), and Colony Club (Deck 6). It seems, however, that most of the seating areas around the upper Centrum (near the library) have access. So, I've taken to using the Centrum's lounge area on Deck 8. And, I can still hear the music played by the band in the Centrum lobby.

What beers are on offer? Anything unusal?

The selections are all pretty standard stuff. Nothing boutique or unusual in my book. The “imports” are typical of a not-so-impressive grocery store's selection. You can find something to drink. But, there is nothing on offer that's not widely available. The wine list is also, in my opinion, equally... well... lame. It's one of the things that I miss about NCL. They offer a more interesting list of beers, wines, and spirits. Libby—who's less interested generally and usually drinks only fruity, frozen drinks available in a rainbow of outlandish color—is perfectly happy.

Is “My Time Dining” Available?

Yes, it is available. And, as fans of NCL's Freestyle, it seemed that MTD would be ideal for us. However, I'm wasn't so sure. And, my concerns were well founded. We've seen patrons complain because they ended up being seated with others. As such, it appears that MTD works more like “open seating” than NCL's Freestyle. Yes, you can eat when you wish. And, you may eat with whomever you wish. That said, others (think: complete strangers) might be added to your dining party. This was our initial concern, especially as you pay for the gratuities in advance (which would stink if you hated it and ended up in the Windjammer every night). Having anticipated it, we got a table for two at the main seating. Problem avoided. Based on observation, my guess is that the larger your party the more likely you'll have a dedicated table, as four and six tops seem prevalent. But, it's not ideal for couples on this cruise ship, unless you like eating with others.

What are your plans for Rhodes? Any thought of a bus trip to Lindos?

At present, we plan to mostly explore the town of Rhodes. We thought about going to Lindos, but we opted not to do so because the climb up to the acropolis would probably be-less-than ideal with my leg. (I'm good on level ground, but still slow on the stairs.) That said, if I can get directions to the bus station I will post them here for you.

Any plans to visit a winery in Cyprus?

No, we haven't made up our mind about Cyprus yet. Limassol itself seems to have little to offer, but I'm not sure what we'll opt to do. Will keep you posted.


  1. I know you probably won't do the onboard art auction, but I am curious who the Park West Gallery folks are. Perhaps if you swing by there you could get their names.

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